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    Hello and welcome! If you are here to check out what I do, need some inspiration...or just bored at hope is that you leave more joyful then when you first typed in my long web address.
    I am going to be brutally honest...and this is really sad that as an advertising/communications major I am really bad about keeping up with all things "web" related. The truth is I used to be really good...and then a year ago I removed myself from everything social media related and I didn't keep this updated either. As an advertising major I know that is a bad choice, but I also know that word of mouth advertising is the best compliment and that is solely how my business has continued to grow.
    I am a mom first and as much as I use to believe this was my creative outlet, now I realize it is my ministry and my camera is just a means to carry out a calling the Lord has on my life.
    My goal is give you an image that makes you smile.
    If you have questions, please contact me...if you are looking for a specific example of a session or just want to see if we are a good fit, I am always available to answer your questions.
    Enjoy and be blessed,

J and J’s Wedding…lovely.

I had the pleasure of attending and photographing this wedding for this adorable couple. I cannot say enough good things about them…they are precious and their families are as well. It was a beautiful day in January and here are a few pics from their day…

They had it at the Farmer’s market downtown, with purple as a main color, sparklers, glowsticks and dancing…all of my fav’ things:)


Sweet mama {F}

I got to go to high school with this sweet mama to twins…and another soon to be punkin…I loved that she wanted to incorporate some of her cravings. Which you will see one was perfect…I caught one little hand sneaking a cookie from hers…presh.

We did this in her beautiful home that had gorgeous lighting..and her home is beyond awesome…it’s so my taste:)

Here are a few pics of this soon to be mama of three..congrats…it’s always a complete honor to photograph anyone, but “moms to be” have a special little place in my heart…whether they are expecting, or will be adopting soon…it’s like a soon to be mom has that “glow”.

I had so much fun with this family and appreciate their sweet and fun spirits! Praying for a healthy, safe and quick delivery. She is so hilarious and real and I love that about her!


Welcome to my new blog/site! Please be patient as this is getting updated over the next few days…My hope is that you will be able to see my love and true passion for capturing precious moments. I tend to do a little bit of everything when it comes to photography. So hopefully you will get to see things from newborns to downtown OKC. I am even planning to get to North Carolina and take some pics of my dads hot new ’66 Corvette…so like I said, you will see some variety on here:) Enjoy and be blessed!